Mow money Mow money

Mow money is now historical & today is America's Financial Armageddon

 This is what happens when a country turns their back on God! 

Mow Money , Mow Money , No Mow Money !  

 The United States is facing a very serious financial collapse, and hyperinflation closer than you may know. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae knowingly guaranteed mortgage loans, to people who couldn't afford or qualify for, this caused the beginning of our mortgage meltdown which the American tax dollar bailed out. The bailing out of corporations, instead of letting them fail, was another cause to our countries financial meltdown. When the United States government bails out these institutions, who do you think pays for this?      
   The government claims that the unemployment rate is at nine percent. Where do you think these figures come from? These figures are based on how many American citizens   are receiving unemployment benefits. Now, what about the American worker who's unemployment benefits has expired that don't have jobs, that simply can't  find employment, due to our down economy ,or simply gave up searching for employment.
 The Economic Collapse: (Tipping Point:25 Signs That The Coming Financial Collapse Is Now Closer Than Ever) said,"Back in 2000, 7.2 percent of blue collar workers were either unemployed or underemployed." The Economic Collapse Blog also stated, "Today that figure is up to 19.5 percent." What about the American public that are not working, and are on welfare and or food stamps?Do you think perhaps that the home less are counted as well? I would place a bet that figures should be more like 20 percent unemployed.
USA TODAY reports, "Census numbers show More than 14 million housing units are vacant. That number does not include an estimated 4.8 million seasonal or vacation homes."This is a report dated back in February 2009. If the average family unit was three members per home at 14 million homes, well then that would mean that 42 million people of the United States population of 360 million are suffering from the economic crisis, and that estimate was back in February 2009.
   What does this do for the construction industry?    Why are the Big Corporate businesses outsourcing to China and other countries. Do you think maybe that the state level governments make regulations and taxes so stiff, that maybe big corporations are forced to out source to other countries? Why do we have huge imports and very little exports. it's because we consume more than we produce.   
   The US deficit, just for the year of 2010 to China is estimated at  270 billion dollars.  with the self  entitlement  programs, the continuous printing of US dollars, and our debt to foreign countries, reports show that our debt is more than fourteen trillion dollars.  
   Does anyone even have an idea what one trillion dollars even looks like? I know that I didn't, until I did some research, and this is what I came up with(notice the image below that has ten pallets of one billion dollars) and mouse over this image.  
   That's right, ONE TRILLION DOLLARS two pallets high. now can you look at that image with the dimensions, and imagine fourteen stack's high (two pallets high per stack). There's over three hundred and sixty million people here in the United states, approximately. Not all of the American people work and pay taxes. With that in mind, can you see that it would be impossible to pay that kind of debt. If Our Government were to pay one million dollars a day (THE TAX PAYER), it would take 14,600,000  days to pay 14.6 trillion dollars, that's equivalent to 40,000 years, and that's not to mention the interest that must be paid as well. It's impossible, and it can not be done. Who prints this endless fraud of worthless paper money?Answer, The Federal Reserve. Is the Federal Reserve a Government agency? No, It's a club of the top International Bankers which has existed for over 100 years(clue: a key #) . What interest do you think they have in bankrupting America? I know why, do you know ? finish reading the entire site and then I think you may figure it out.
(<GO HERE>) I don't know how just anyone handles their finances , but in our home if we have more month at the end of our money, Well, we either cut our spending somewhere,  or go bankrupt. Even if it means going without in order to feed our children, that's what we do .
 Do you think that the politicians are spending more out of their home than they have coming in? Don't answer that , because I know there's the exception. So why would the politicians run our government that way. Just use your imagination and I think you can come up with the correct answer.
   So, a government sponsored entity Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, which I believe was designed to fail, which the government has been warned of this during the previous administration, and did nothing, the American people now pays for in bail outs. This kind of government spending has been going on for longer than we even realize. The progressive agenda has been alive and well here in America for over a century, the majority of Americans were not aware of this movement. Focus the American people enough on the left, and the right issues, and miss who we really should be concerned with , the progressive movement. It kind of makes us all look like useful idiots, no insult intended, but most all of us have been fooled. Did you know, that Germany, and  Britain did the same thing that we are doing with bail outs and over spending, and they are still paying the consequences for this today. Britain has a nick name, and that is the sick man of Europe.
(Is Britain the sick man of Europe?) Britain's citizens have gone with out power for three or four days out of the week, every week. This is painful for me to say this because I love  my country too, but America is now the sick man of the world.
 Compulsive over Printed money devalues our currency. we can not spend our way out of debt. I know that America  no  longer goes by the gold standards anymore, but we did about eight  decades ago. you can't print more money than your worth, and because we don't live by our value, (
THE GOLD STANDARD) , and print more money beyond that point, we create what is called inflation. Just take a look at the price of products that you purchase today. The price of fuel is going up, which reflects the cost of food, appliances, down to your cup of coffee. But not the dollar, the value of the Dollar is going down. The only reason we have not seen hyperinflation yet is because the Government keeps on raising the dept ceiling to print more money to feed the economy (Way to go to the federal Reserve a false sense of recovery). The Arabs are not dumb, if they see the value of the American Dollar go down then they are going to raise the cost of oil. That's why we are paying four dollars/gallon at the pump. Why is the Government not interested in producing our own oil? Why is Brazil receiving our tax dollars to drill for their oil when we need our own independent oil, and more jobs here in our country? (It's called Social Justice, Take from us and give to them!!)

Trillion Dollars of Mow Money, print, print, & print. It's not old new's & a problem here to stay.

Trillion Dollars of Mow Money, print, print, & print. It's not old new's & a problem here to stay.

One trillion dollars

A financial crisis is here to stay

It's not food , but it's the thought


Is it getting hot or is it not?

It's the old boil the frog theroy that always had us fooled through out the history of this earth and we never learn from our past. Oh maybe your past, but give it a generation or two and we're down that same beaten path of fire in this beaten troubled world. Satan can fool some of the people some of the time, but when he turms up the fire real slowly over a long period of time , Satan fools just about everybody all the time! God's people deos know because we listen to our God and are ready for it with no surprises, How about you. are you ready