May the Lord bless you.


His grace & mercy endureth forever

WE embrace grace and Mercy.

Never Let a good crisis go to waste.

The One World is necessary

The lord has warned us of this thousands of years ago!

Where energy prices would necessarily skyrocket.

This would have been under his cap and trade program.

Pack up, buckle up, get ready for we're going up!

The false prophet is at work with the image of the New world Order  and One World Religion.

Government corruption, (#1) reason why we need survival plan

We need change

 Never let a good crisis go to waste, that statement does nothing less than scares  the HE double hockey sticks out of me & I am very concerned for the future for our country with radicals like this in or running for political office.  

Oh yes, they are not wasting any time or any non crisis issues to turn America upside down, yes they are going to make it an issue even when the statistics are low or not real . Their going to convince the public that the statistical numbers are high, but they will avoid making statistics an issue at  all, in order to give a lifeless artificial crisis substance & there are some dumb enough to believe it. These so called crooked leaders that are on the tax payer payroll  use a artificial good crisis to turn America upside down & hurt the American citizens. These are the same political leaders that support  sanctuary cities that allow criminal minded immigrants safe passage but again are not concerned for the safety of American citizen's, that support women's right of choice but do not support all human life including the unborn & it goes much deeper than that, but enough has been said.